Janice Brown is "The Black Pussy Cat Ninja" - I'm just me.

                                                                WHO IS JANICE BROWN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Janice Brown is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan but has lived in New York City off and on since graduating from college       and has morphed her style into a blend of the two regions.  She is a product of the deep Rock roots of the Mid-west, as well as the Home of Motown and all things Soul from Detroit, the Motor City.  Janice has been a formally trained drummer for most of her life and did the whole school discipline of theory and classical education and even went on the play in the awesome Michigan State Spartan Marching Band and also with the Interlochen Arts Academy. 

     It wasn't until after graduation that Janice began to look at the bigger music scene.  After a trip to New York Ciy and discovering the world of Hip Hop (back in the day), she began to write her own songs and started rapping with a group called the PROPHECYS.  The group was quite the popular attraction in Grand Rapids and for a while they performed together until the usual circumstances made it difficult to continue the relationship.  As a solo act, One Lucky Lady was a powerful voice and well known around the city of Grand Rapids.  As time went by, Janice would experiment with a number of collaborations and worked on a variety of project but none seemed to find the right groove. 

   After taking some time away from the music scene to finish writing and illustrating several children's books, Janice now working in New York, as a Licensed Real Broker.  Sometime we need to step back to get a look at the big picture before we can see ourselves in it.  Today, One Lucky Lady is back with a whole new mission.   Due to the renewed call to reduce gun violence, Lady is adding her voice to the fight.  No one solution is going to stop this epidemic but there are some steps we can take and President Obama has given us a guideline by which to form the debate.  I'm no “new kid on the block”-- in fact, Janice Brown is no kid at all.  She's all grown up and ready to prove it.  Years of living have only made her more determined than ever to get where she needs to go.  Time will tell if she's on the right track this time.