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The Black Pussy Cat Ninja
Janice Brown


This is track, #3, on my CD, "RANT to REHAB: The Black Pussy Cat Ninja Says It All--OUT LOUD!"  It is my "Last Word", on everything!  My CD has 76 Tracks, with recordings, I've documented these, last few, years.  It took me an entire year, after the election, of 2016, for me to write my life's story and published that, for my own accounting.  I wanted to remember all of it!  I tried to release, this audio, mash-up, on July 4th, to mark my Independence Day?  Unfortunately, I couldn't make it happen. 

     Since then, there has been a fresh, horror, inflicted, upon the world, by none other than, Donald J. Trump--worst human, alive!  I haven't had a chance, to wrap it up, because, the news, right now, is changing, hourly!  It's only a matter of time, before he goes, too far?  I am appalled but I have tried to be as honest, as I can?  I hope my dark, humor, doesn't cloud my message, or offend anybody?  It isn't meant, to offend, per se but some might take it that, way?  I do let you know, when I mean to offend. 

     I like to be blunt.  I also like to find the humor, in everything, so it doesn't upset me, so easily?  I have a quick temper but never, act on my anger--at least not with people?  Inanimate, objects, catch hell, though!  I hate lies ant the lying, liars , who tell the, thanks to Al Franken--who got a raw, deal!  It's actually the truth, as I see it?  It just sounds like I'm joking? No, I'm kidding!  Well, most of the time, I'm kidding? 

Please go to CD Baby and buy my CD, wherever, you can find it?  Do that and I'll send you the link, to download the DVD, to watch, if you like, what you hear?  I spent the past 6 months, editing the doggone, thing?  Somebody, should be able to enjoy seeing my thoughts--in action?  I "did it, with humor", just like God, told me to?  He's the boss, of me. 

     If you want to know how I came through the fire?  Jesus, saved me but I had to submit, my own, Will?  I gave up, doing stupid shit?  Not that I'm any smarter, than anyone, else?  I just happen to be #YourFavoritePsychic, so I already know, what the deal, is?  I'm a believer.  I may be "Pretty Much Dead, Already", as "The Walking Dead" creators, exactly, captured, my mood, in 2015 & 2016, when the world, just stopped, for me.  Hillary Clinton, lost the election, to the worst, human, being, I've ever, seen and I've seen plenty?  I think, I've seen, enough, nonsense?  I have just 5, fucks left, to give--anybody?  Here they go?  Enjoy!

  I no longer need to "Check-out?"  That is the easy, way?  I've never taken the easy, way?  I only focused on the easy, way out, because that's how "The System", is designed, to operate? The GOP just never planned on having to make government "work?"  They did a brilliant job, of selling the myth, that Black, Brown, minorities, Gays and Lesbians and straight, White, women, "The Liberal Democrats" want to Tax & Spend, your money,trying to take over and are allow immigrants & terrotists, come pouring, into the country, across the Southern, Border to "Rape, your "White Women", "Break into you house", and slit your throats and take your shitty jobs!" Americanshave believed that shit, forever and a day--since Lincoln, freed the slaves!  Give me a break?  Donald Trump is doing all of that, and thensome, with the help of a handful of NRA, Gun-toting, killers, and Stephen Miller, White Nationalist, Nazi, sympathizers!  

     I feel sorry, for America...we are too, great, to fight back, dirty--like Republicans?  So, we'll see?  I don't suspect White men, are capable, of saving, themselves, so we'll see?  If no one steps up?  We all die--eventually?  He will probably do it is the most cruel and demonstrutive, way, possible?  Whatever will please your new King--Vladimir, Putin?  I wish us luck and God's Mercy.  

Booking Info: Janice Brown (616) 498-0401


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